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Mr DICKSON (Buderim—LNP) (11.31 pm): I rise to do a bit of an advertising campaign tonight for Beard150 for the Queensland Cancer Council. A few of my colleagues in the House may have noticed that I have a bit of growth on my face. It is not because I have become lazy and I do not want to shave; it is because I am going to advertise for the Cancer Council. I am going to make a whole lot of men in this room aware that we all need to get out there and talk about men's health, which is something I promised I would do.
I have a few statistics: one of every two men who reach the age of 85 is going to have cancer, and that in itself is just a terrible thing; one in 10 men will be diagnosed with a melanoma by the time they reach 85; and one in five men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the time they reach 85. Of the 4,000 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Queensland every year, 600 of them will die. There are 150 men involved right throughout Queensland. I am sure no ladies are involved unless they have a bit of extra growth going on.
On a very serious note, this is a great opportunity to donate a few dollars towards what I believe is a very worthy cause. I am not saving money on razor blades for nothing. This is something that I would love everybody to become involved in. If you have any guys in your electorate who are doing this very thing, please support them. If you get on to you can look them up. It is for a very, very worthy cause if we can all get involved looking after our brothers, our husbands and our sons in this state. So many men live their lives without understanding what the implications of cancer can be.
Bowel cancer is another big thing which hits many men across the state. I am involved with the Buderim Men's Shed and we have lots to do. Buderim has the biggest Men's Shed in Australia. It gives men an opportunity to come together and talk about things that impact upon them as men. They talk about cancer and they talk about things that blokes normally do not talk about. When you go back to your electorates please promote the Men's Shed and promote Beard150.
I am only looking to raise $750. There is a lady by the name of Marni Brown who has already donated $210 for me to shave my beard off. If you could gather $5 or $10 each, I personally would greatly appreciate it. It is not very much to ask of everybody in the House. Promote what you can and look after our brothers in kind. We do not do it too often. I am not going to conduct advertising campaigns in parliament too much, but this is a good cause. Let us be bipartisan and let us look after one another: husbands, brothers and fathers-in-law are the blokes that we want to help.
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