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 Mr DICKSON (Buderim—LNP) (9.08 pm): I have had the honour of meeting Jasmine Carmel who, after the tragic loss of her son, Jarrad, is determined to make a difference in the lives of veterans, many of whom are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Jasmine’s initiative is to supply stickers thanking veterans for their service. I am sure that people want to thank returned service men and women, but, unfortunately, this often only occurs on Anzac Day or Remembrance Day.

It would be wonderful for veterans to see these stickers on thousands of vehicles as daily reminders that we genuinely value their service. We cannot pretend to understand their sacrifice, but we can support them and their families. As a local resident, Jasmine is starting with the Sunshine Coast. I hope that our community will support her. Together we can make a great difference.
The sticker was designed free of charge by returned serviceman Simon Payne from Spadix Print and Design. I was pleased to provide $600 towards the printing costs of the stickers. I encourage others to donate. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. I am calling on the members of parliament who may wish to get involved to contact my office and I can put them in touch with Jasmine Carmel. She is such a brave an inspiring mother who lost her son.
Over the last year we have lost 50 returned servicemen. Think of how many people we actually lose in battle and we are losing more in our state as a result of them killing themselves. We have lost them to post-traumatic stress disorder. We have to get behind these people.
The stickers read ‘We are grateful’. They have an Australian flag underneath those words. It reads under that, ‘Thank you for your service to the Navy, Army and Air Force.’ I think everybody in this parliament understands how grateful we should be to our military service men and women. We have a right to freedom of speech. We in this country have so many rights that many in other countries do not have the opportunity to express.
I have to show my gratitude to 92.7 Mix FM and one of the presenters, Caroline. This morning they actually spread this message right across Queensland. They have a great following. I have a few stickers that I am happy to give to members of parliament as they leave tonight. I have one on the back of my car.
One serviceman who has post-traumatic stress disorder may be following a car with a sticker on it and happen to read the sticker. If they read it they will know that we actually care about them and want to do something for them. I think the smallest thing we can do in our lives is demonstrate care and compassion. We have to think about this mother who lost her 27-year-old son. I do not want to see anybody else in that position.
We have an opportunity to make a difference. I ask members to please spread the word. I know we ask different things of members of parliament, but this is a very worthy cause. It is not going to cost anything. Let us save a few lives.
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