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I recently met with families who had come to me, because they had a choice to make – either break the law by giving their child medicinal cannabis that has proven to work, or risk their child’s life. No parent should be treated as a criminal for saving their child. This is something that keeps me awake at night.

I made an impassioned plea to our Liberal Prime Minister and our Labor Premier. The only politician who offered assistance was Senator Pauline Hanson.
A photo on my Facebook page shows two of these families together with tireless advocates for medicinal cannabis, with the caption – People before politics.
To me, this is not just a catchy social media hashtag. I mean it, and I’m willing to bet my political career on this very notion. People before Politics. Feedback from many people is that they feel that the major parties have lost touch.
Today, I have tendered my resignation from the Liberal National Party and advise that I will be joining Senator Pauline Hanson as a Member of the One Nation Party.
For the past 10 years, I have honourably served as a State Member of Parliament, first as a Liberal, then as an LNP Member.
After much deliberation, and with the support of my wife, staff and listening to the community, I feel that joining the One Nation Party will enable me to best represent the people of the Buderim electorate and the great State of Queensland.
We need REAL policies and beneficial outcomes for the people of Queensland, delivered by politicians who are not out of touch.
Since inviting Senator Hanson to the Buderim electorate last October, we have developed a mutual respect and excellent working relationship. The purpose of the initial visit was to show the Senator the infrastructure needs for the Sunshine Coast. And she listened.
During that visit, Senator Hanson announced that she would not be running a candidate against me at the next state election. There was speculation that a deal had been done. I assure you that NO deal was made, and my decision to join One Nation has come about due to the same reasons that inspired me to enter politics as a local councillor in 2000. I was not happy with how things were being run and I wanted to make a difference. I again believe that major changes to policy, party politics and the way that you, the people, are represented is in need of a major overhaul.
I will always be a conservative. I hope that my former LNP colleagues will put their electorate first and see the benefit of working with me rather than ostracizing me. Similarly, I am known to be on good terms with some Labor, minor party and Independent MPs. We need to see a more bipartisan approach in the State Parliament. I intend to make it less about ‘us and them’ and more about cooperative representation with positive outcomes. That is what we owe the people of Queensland.
My sincere thanks to all volunteers who have assisted and supported me during my election campaigns. I hope that I will continue to receive your support.
I served as a Minister in the former government and I would like to use those skills to benefit Queensland. I take the needs of my electorate very seriously and will continue to do all I can to deliver. I feel that my decision to join the One Nation Party will best allow me to accomplish this.
Warm regards,

Steve Dickson MP 



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One of my proudest achievements as Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport & Racing is the Raine Island Rescue.

Raine Island is the world's largest known rookery for the vulnerable green turtle. It is the breeding ground for 70% of the world's green turtle population and more than 100,000 of the turtles visit each year to lay eggs. But, the coral cay had been smashed by cyclones and previously hurt by phosphate mining, meaning sand was being lost from the island into the ocean.

The rescue involved installing 400 metres of fencing along cliff edges to minimise turtles being upturned during the nesting season, re-profiling 150 metres of beach foredune and swale to reduce water inundation of nests, establishing a number of fenced 'nursery' plots with ideal conditions to determine optimal nesting success and installing cameras and data loggers to improve communication and satellite monitoring.

Click on the video above to see the amazing footage of the mission to save the Green Sea Turtle population. Thank you to all involved.




Construction has begun on a vital upgrade of pedestrian and cycle facilities on the David Low Way over Eudlo Creek.    Member for Buderim Steve Dickson said this jointly-funded upgrade between State Government and Sunshine Coast Council will link existing cycle facility upgrades which have been delivered over the past four years.  ...Read more


The Queensland Parliament is due to debate the Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2016 this evening.     Member for Buderim Steve Dickson is calling on the Government to support the lives of terminally ill children in Queensland.    On Friday 7 October 2016, Mr Dickson sponsored to the Queensland Parliament a petition w...Read more


 Member for Buderim Steve Dickson wants to ensure that residents are aware of proposed changes that would see a reduction in frequency from 30 minutes to 1 hour for bus route 614 leaving Sunshine Plaza, travelling through North Buderim, Buderim, Glenfields estate and Mountain Creek to Kawana Shopping World and on to the Sunshine Coast Universi...Read more

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